Hello Fellow Progressives,

Casey Buchmann, Ruth Anna Buffalo, Andrea Denault, and myself met with Robert Haider on Tuesday, April 25, 2017 to discuss the steps that will be required in order to be officially recognized by the Democratic-NPL Party of North Dakota. We also discussed the importance of limiting the Dem-NPL's liability, as we continue develop an organizational structure.

We started our discussion by Robert explaining three types of caucuses important to the context of the meeting. These included, a Democratic-NPL Party convention caucus, which is permitted by convention rules. A caucus officially recognized by the Dem-NPL Party and approved by the Secretary of State. A free standing caucus, outside the Dem-NPL, but approved by the Secretary of State.

Let's start by outlining what will occur for the caucus to be approved by the Dem-NPL. First, Chair, Kylie Overson, will develop rules, which will allow the party to establish official caucuses. The new policy will then be presented to the Executive and Policy Committee for first reading and discussion. Then, the new policy will move forward for a 2nd reading and then onto final approval by the Executive and Policy Committee. One of the benefits of functioning within the Dem-NPL is that we would have access to the party's compliance officer for legal questions.

A free standing caucus does not need to operate within the party, but does need to be approved by the Secretary of State. The example Robert gave us was the Dem-NPL Women's Caucus. Robert emphasized the importance to minimized the party's liability if we decide start this caucus outside the party. For example, once officially recognized by the North Dakota Secretary of State, we cannot support candidates for U.S. Senate or Congress, since that process is regulated by the Federal Elections Commission. In addition, Federal candidates must maintain a separate campaign committee and campaign finances.

Robert also walked us through the steps in forming a "Multi-Candidate Campaign Committee" through the Secretary of State. Lee Ann Oliver at the SOS can be available to assist us with project.

The steps in establishing such a committee include: 1. Establish an Executive Board, with a Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary, Treasurer 2. Appoint a registering agent with SOS, which is usually the Treasurer 3. Establish a bank account 4. The bank account must have a federal EIN, which can be obtained through the IRS or FEC

Robert discussed with us two methods in raising funds for the caucus. One is Act-Blue and the other is Swift CPA. The Dem-NPL currently uses Swift CPA.

Finally, we discussed the initiated measure process and the interest the caucus has in being active in leading initiated measures. Robert explained that the Dem-NPL takes a back seat in initiated measures because the party label leads to a perception that the measure is partisan and can hurt the measure's popularity. In addition, initiated measures require separate committees and bank accounts.

We gratefully thank Robert Haider for meeting with us and we hope you find this information helpful in the formation of the New NPL Caucus.


Mark Haugen

Casey Buchmann

Ruth Anna Buffalo

Andrea Deanult