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LCN Services:

Online Organizational File Cabinet:

LCN will help you develop an Online Organizational File Cabinet for your organization using BaseCamp, the renowned Project Management Service. (Subscription Service - $3.75 per month or $36.00 per year)

Ad Hoc Administrative Support:

Have you ever wanted a Ghost Writer and couldn't find one? Well, LCN uses Military Spouse Virtual Assistant (MSVA), a pool of extremely qualified individuals who have chosen to eliminate their "Camp Following" life style from the negative side of their professional life. Please, feel free to go straight to them for your personal needs. Tell them LCN sent you! On the other hand, if you want pre-screening for the tasks we are doing, you may want to pay the $1.95/hour extra and allow your Local Community Network to assist. When your job is in excess of our paid staff capacity (which isn't much), we refer it to a Military Spouse VA who is familiar with our recommended program and has displayed an understanding of your needs. (As needed - Cost is at the VA rate plus $1.95 per hour - Normally $26.95/hour)

Design and Growth Coaching:

We've set up and monitor forums under our Community Editor Network brand, but we know that sometimes they will not be enough. Upon occasion you will want access to facilitated training or, perhaps, acquire prefabricated templates designed specifically for you. LCN makes these services available at a very reasonable cost. Our goal is to be your safety net should you falter because of your size. You are not too small! (As needed - Request quote.)

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