Our Philosophy

Being small does not excuse us from existing; it simply makes it more challenging.

A professional looking web site no longer requires a full time staff. Hosting services are available to keep your site running 24/7. Cascading Style Sheets (CSSs) simplifies template creation. Content management systems (CMSs) make the multiple use of the same text possible. All that is left is to decide what you want to say and you've been doing that in your organization all along. Indeed, you are the only one that can do that. Given all that, what aren't more of the smaller Clubs, Non-Profits and Churches taking advantage of today's web based opportunities?

The Local Community Net believes that it is not necessarily that we are all lazy. Nor do we ascribe to the theory we are to old to learn something new. We believe that there is no simplified provider; no single point of contact to assist the active club member or key volunteer in brining his or her passion to life.

We would like to do something about that. Through our free learning forums of Community Editor Network and our Local Community Network value added retail operation, we demystify and harness the power of the Web Site/eNewsletter dynamo for the smaller operation.

Learn more and discuss the possibilities at Community Editor Net and then return to LCN to find vendors dedicated to your success.