In the Beginning there was the Web Site
and then we entered the era of
Information and Communications Technology (ICT)

Did you miss the turn? If so, you are not alone! A lot of us did.

But, if the organization that you are passionate about is going to remain relevant in the near term, you are compelled to try and make sense out of it all this nonsense.

Creating a web site is no longer the painful ordeal it once was. By subscribing to an Applications Service Provider that provides a Content Management System (CMS), deciding what you want to say becomes the toughest job. And the Local Community Network is here to help!

Of course whether you subscribe to our service or not, the real fun begins once you have a hosted URL! Only then can you access the synergy derived from the CAN-SPAM compliant eNewsletter and your site; only then can your committees meet via conferencing technology. Wiki's? Blogging? Podcasting? Yes, these all become a part of your program when you begin effectively -

~ Leveraging Information and Communications Technology ~

- in your Club or Mission Driven Non Profit. And yes, it works for Faith Based Organizations too!

And the cost? Under the LCN subscription plan, all these tools, the web site, the eNewsletter, and user support become available to you and your Organization's Steering Committee for under $50.00 per month! Want to know the really good part? Web Sites are easy to get sponsored! Yes! You can off set the entire cost of your ICT program through a couple of well placed sponsorship banners which add to, not detract from your site and it's mission.